Still Want A Using Corporate Credit Cards? Read This – How To Choose The Best Corporate Credit Cards

When it comes to business privileges and perks, one of the most common ones that employers give to their employees are corporate credit cards. Although this does not necessarily mean that you can use this card anytime and anywhere you want to as this is limited to company rules, still this gives you convenience and security whenever you are in a business trip.

And having said this, it is very important that you know how to choose the best ones. Here are some tips that you can use as your guide in your selection.

    • Choose a corporate credit card that offers high spending limit. There are different types of cards and these offer different spending limits. Depending on your job position or your role in the company, it should provide you with just enough spending limit so you can pay for the things and services you need.


    • Choose a corporate credit card that has specific perks. If your company requires you to travel a lot for business or to meet up with some clients abroad, you should choose a card that gives travel perks. There are several different types of cards and all of them offer several different perks. If you are assigned to make or close deals with clients, it is best to choose a corporate credits card that offers dining privileges. This is best for those who regularly meet up with clients over lunch or dinner.


    • Choose a corporate credit card with easy payment option. This is usually an arrangement between the issuing bank and your company. Some companies prefer to have their cards linked to their corporate bank accounts so that payments are taken directly from the accounts. This about is a convenient and hassle-free option to save time and effort.


  • Choose a corporate credit card provides 24/7 customers service options. This is actually very important especially if you are travelling abroad or internationally when you need to call for assistance for certain circumstances such as lost card or captured card. Having a 24/7 customer services assistance is perfect to make sure that you are covered anytime of the day. Business owners may also need to update some card restrictions especially when an employee is no longer connected with the company and calling the bank that provides 24/7 customer assistance is a huge advantage.

Read This One, And You Will Choose The Right Choiced With Credit Cards

The credit card has become the most convenient and common instrument through which you can make all your payments. These cards have topped the list of modern short-term credit facilities and are proven to be the cheapest form of credit and are easily accessible at any POS point. Keeping all the benefits rendered by the cards, a majority of the population who are in need of short-term credit would like to go for a credit card over the other modes. However, not everyone can choose a card which would optimize the returns from it as very little information about it is available and known.

These cards are generally issued by banks, financial institutions and by some stores. The cards bear a certain credit limit and this limit is set by the issuing companies considering your income, previous credits, and the payment track records. Once you apply for a credit card considering all these circumstances your credit limit will be fixed and each time you make a purchase by using this card the amount will be added to your credit card. You will be given with an interest-free period during which you don’t need to pay any interest on the amount of credit you used on the card. Generally, the interest-free period lies between 20-55 days and it varies depending on the issuer company.

The information that we specify here will give you an idea on the basics which would enable you to choose a card with the higher interest-free period so, that you can get more interest-free credit limit and also more repayment time. However, along with the basic information on these cards let’s look at the few more tips or tricks on choosing the best.

– Get your credit scores: Assess your credit scores based on which you will be issued a card with higher benefits. The credit scores will make your card choices much brighter if the score is good and vice versa if they are not.

– Identify your type – There are numerous types of cards available in the market. Choose or identify the card of your type. While choosing your type, make sure you will choose a card which can improve your credit card limit and also save money. There are cards on which you will earn reward points on each purchase which you can redeem at a later date.

– Make your credit Choices- Make a list of objectives for choosing a credit card. It is not advisable to swipe a credit card every time just because you hold one. So, make sure of the primary objectives behind taking a card and limit yourself to use the card only for that purchase.

How The Work Of Corporate Credit Cards?

When used wisely, corporate credit cards can definitely help businesses simultaneously achieve career goals and reap personal perks. On the contrary, this can lead to a corporate free-fall when used poorly.

Corporate credit cards are different from both personal and small business credit cards. These are offered only be a few issuers. Generally, such accounts are established by businesses by utilizing a banking relationship or through a deal negotiated directly with a card issuer. In order to develop such kind of relationship, the company’s credit will be considered.

Companies may give their employees with corporate credit cards for the payment of business-related expenses, which are often travel-relation. Though it is often issued in the company’s name, be aware that it can also display the name of the employee cardholder.

They are categorized into 2 – individual payment cards and company payment cards. Those who opt for individual payment cards, they will be the ones responsible for submitting their own expense report. Also, they will be paying the issuer directly for any charges. On the other hand, the employer will pick up the tab for all company-sanctioned changes with the company-payment cards. But for any personal or unapproved charges, the employee will still pay the issuer directly.

Tips When Using These Cards

Be aware of your company’s policies – Cardholders must familiarize themselves with the reporting and spending rules provided by their employers. Also, they must educate themselves about the policies specific to their position or department. They need to know the types and limits on making charges. It is highly recommended that cardholders must attend training sessions and be updated on the policies.

Learn how to avoid pitfalls – There are indeed a lot of pitfalls cardholders must avoid. These will include the unapproved charges that can end up hitting your wallet and combining personal expenses with business spending that may put you on a collision course with the management.

Use your common sense – The lack of simple common sense is indeed among the biggest dangers from having corporate credit cards. Prior to swiping it, ask yourself if such expense is directly related to your job.

Always secure your card – Be sure to keep your card in a safe place to avoid theft or loss. Immediately after noticing that you have lost it, report it to the authorities. This will help prevent fraudulent charges. Cardholders must be aware that when they have lost their card, they can be provided with a new card or new account number immediately during emergency cases.

The Thing You Should Do When Someone Does a Credit Checks

Every credit reporting agency has its own format and reports your information differently, but all three credit reports for the major bureaus will generally contain the same information. Your report will contain both personal, identifying information which is not a factor in your score calculation, as well as, information used for scoring like payment history, credit utilization, and length of credit, inquires and judgements.

Personal Information That Identifies You

Your personal information like your name, both married and maiden, current and former addresses, your date of birth and employment information will show up on your credit report to identify you. Contrary to popular belief, none of this information is used in your score calculation. This information is updated when you apply for new credit.


Also known as Trade Lines, your accounts are how your lenders report your payment history, balance and account status on your report. This could range from your mortgage, to credit cards, auto and personal loans. The date you opened and closed the account will be present as well.

Inquiries for New Credit

Whenever you apply to a new line of credit, you’re allowing that creditor to pull a copy of your report, known as an inquiry. An Inquiry will drop your credit score a few points every time, and it will stay on your report for two years.

Public Records

“Credit reporting agencies also collect public record information from state and county courts, and information on overdue debt from collection agencies. Public record information includes bankruptcies, foreclosures, suits, wage attachments, liens and judgments.”

What are some things that don’t show on my credit report?

The good news is, there are things that don’t show up on your credit report, which you might have heard otherwise.


Your score does not go down every time you move. While your address history is on your report, it does not affect the calculation of your credit score on any level.

Your Salary

Your Salary is not reported on your credit report and holds no weight in your score calculation. Neither does other forms of income like unemployment, alimony, child support or public assistance. However, if you’re applying for new credit a combination of your salary and credit history could be used to determine if you’re lend-able.

Do You Know The Meaning Of Client From The Future?

I met a future client the other day. The reason I call him a future client is, like too many people, he has less than ideal credit. Like many people, it was not his fault.

You see, this young man served his county by completing two tours in Iraq. He came home to his young wife, only to find out that she was sick and unfortunately passed away.

He took care of her, and stayed by her side until the end. His work suffered, and he was on the list when layoffs happen. The medical bills piled up, house payments piled up, and he lost his home.

He couldn’t find a place to rent, or buy, because of his bad credit, and the fact that he didn’t have a job, so he bought a van and lived out of it. He made that van his library, and his office. He worked, went to school and got a degree, but he still had bad credit.

That’s when we met. He knows a friend of mine, and my friend thought I could help. I bought him dinner. He wouldn’t let me pay for it, until I made him understand that it was a business meeting and not charity.

I started off by telling him to write a letter, explaining why he has bad credit, and send it to the credit bureau. I told him to have the credit bureau include the letter within his credit report. Then I told him to request a free annual credit report.

I suggested he look the report over very carefully and dispute anything that does not look right, such as debts that he doesn’t recognize. He should dispute these debts by writing a dispute letter. I told him this report would not show a credit score, but it would show the information that is used to calculate his credit scores, from all three credit bureaus, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

I told him a Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score ranges from 300 to 850. Then I wanted him to know a credit score starts to become questionable when it falls below 650. A credit score breaks down into the following areas:

  • Payment history 35%
  • Outstanding debt 30%
  • Length of your credit history 15%
  • Types of credit 10%
  • Employment history & Identity
  • Inquires made on credit within fourteen days
  • How long it took to pay off debts in the past
  • Late payments
  • Bankruptcies, Foreclosure and liens

The following are some things I told him to do, in order to start repairing his credit:

  • Pay rent and other bills In advance
  • Do not take out additional credit cards
  • Pay two months rent as a security deposit, instead of one month
  • Get a roommate
  • Pay with direct deposit
  • Obtain recommendations from employers, and other business you have purchased from
  • Use a credit repair company to validate debt, stop vendors from reporting past bad debt and questionable accounts. Some credit repair companies are, Skyblue, and Ovation
  • Find a good mortgage broker

Lastly, it usually takes about two years of doing the things listed above before your credit is repaired. When someone that has less than ideal credit is ready to buy a home, they should try to purchase the home through a company, such as American Rent To Own. This way they could lease, and then purchase the home. American Rent To Own allows some of the rent to go towards the purchase of the home.

The Reasons – Why Owners Prefer To Use The Best Corporate Credit Cards

It is important for business owners to be aware about their expenses. Not to mention, they need to make sure that they can create accurate reports about their financial status. However, there are cases when doing these tasks can be quite difficult since you may end up using your personal finances for your business. This is why more and more owners prefer to use the best corporate credit cards. Apart from that, below are also some of the reasons why owners prefer using such cards for their business.

To improve cash flow

One of the main reasons why business owners make use of corporate credit cards is to improve their cash flow. Of course, in order to gain better profits, it is important to look for ways that can help you manage your expenses. Luckily, credit cards for businesses that are offered by financial institutions can provide you with lower or even free interest rates. Because of this, you do not need to pay for extra charges when purchasing items your employees need.

To make billing and payments flexible

The next reason why owners prefer using such credit cards is to make billing and payments flexible. There are cases when employees need to purchase certain items for your business. However, not all employees have cash on hand. As a result, purchasing can be impossible. By making use of credit cards, you can purchase items easily without using cash which can make billing and payments better for your business.

To manage your business accounts properly

Another reason why owners prefer using credit cards is to manage their business accounts properly. When running a business, owners need to deal with numerous types of financial tasks. Sadly, some owners cannot remember all these transactions which can affect their financial reports. Fortunately, credit card providers can offer owners with reports about their transactions efficiently.

To gain access to numerous features

When using corporate credit cards, business owners can also gain access to numerous features. These include SMS alerts, spend security controls as well as simplified procedures in purchasing. With these features, owners are rest assured that can they purchase and deal with other expenses more effectively which can help reduce their tasks at work.

To attain wonderful perks

Finally, making use of corporate cards can also provide owners with wonderful perks. For instance, when planning business travels, some financial institutions can provide discounts or promos. Apart from that, some financial institutions also offer special deals on restaurants. Because of this, you can make business meetings more appealing.

These are only some of the reasons why business owners prefer using the best corporate cards from leading financial institutions.

Do You Still Want To Rolling Over Credit Cards?

A pocket full of plastic money gives one a feeling of success and security. Using your credit cards for purchases is so easy, choose what you want to buy and pay for it with a piece of plastic instead of cash: bought, done. That is fine as long as you keep your spending limited within your monthly income and pay the full amount of your accounts by the date due. Unfortunately, in many cases, there is not enough income to cover the payments. This starts many people to begin using two or three or even more credit cards, making payments by rolling money from one of them to another in order to survive.

Credit limits

Use of cards comes with a credit limit that you can buy for. This is set by the bank issuing it and is dependent on monthly income. Each bank has a different limit setting as well as some of the cards having budget payment facilities where as others do not offer this kind of service.

Acquiring a card is usually easy to get as long as you qualify financially. In fact, the banks are only too willing to give them to you so they can make some easy money. The bank charges on overdue card payments are high and it is not difficult for people to end up not meeting their commitment by the due date. Instead of being careful about their spending they run up their cards to the maximum. If you have surplus money rather put it into a savings account and gain interest.

Making minimum payments

If you only pay the minimum amount due on your credit card you are going to end up paying astronomical amounts of interest that compound monthly. Overall, it is far wiser to pay the full amount due as hen all you have to pay extra is the monthly charge for card usage.

Applying a sensible strategy to spending is the best way of making monthly purchases. A credit card is ideal for paying grocery shopping, or, for any other items needed for the household, or any other payments. The problems with plastic purchasing arise if you overstep buying your necessities and spend freely on expensive unnecessary luxury items.

Costs of living today have risen to such an extent that it is difficult to maintain the standards you are used to and which was the normal way of life in the past. Thrift has unfortunately had to enter our existence on a daily basis.

Worldwide there are many people now forced to live far beyond their means. This encourages rolling over of their credit cards in order to continue the existence of a lifestyle in the way they are accustomed to. This eventually is going to prove such a financial strain that many people will find they have to resort to downsizing their homes, cars, schools, and forms of entertainment expenditure in order to be able to survive. Otherwise, they will be without money, credit cards, and bankrupt.

Some Warning For You – Beware of the Credit Trap

Our eldest daughter recently graduated from college (1 down – 3 to go). She headed West to take an internship that will assist her in obtaining some certifications that she needs. During her college years our mailbox was filled with Student Loan companies making sure that she knew that they were there for her – to lend her what she needed to complete her degree. Now that she has her degree – our mailbox is full of offers from credit card companies offering her the credit that “she needs” to get her life in full gear.

I have been shredding the offers as quick as they come into the house. And I have shared with her the trap that these companies are setting for her and her contemporaries. Last week instead of shredding the offers – I let them accumulate in a pile on my desk. We opened them and the first few sentences of each letter was quite eye-opening.

“You worked hard to achieve your degree and that hard work earned you our respect… “

“Congratulations on achieving your college degree. As you begin your professional life you may need to rely on credit to get you started… “

“Great job. Let us reward you with a great opportunity to assist you to build your credit rating… “

Here is the normal way that this ends up for our young adults. As the offers come in the recent graduate accepts a few of them – feeling great that their hard work has been recognized and with the noble objective to have the cards in case of an emergency. The card companies may tout credit limits in the $1500 to $2000 range – but the reality is that once the applications are submitted – unless the graduate has already achieved excellent earnings – most times they will be given a smaller limit – in the $500 range.

Once they have the cards the temptation to use them becomes almost impossible to overcome. Perhaps it’s a piece of clothing, or a night out with friends, or even the purchase of a gift for a loved one. The intent – as we all know – is always the same. “I will use the card to purchase this… and I will pay the balance off when the bill comes in”. Then when the bill comes in and the minimum payment is only $25 – most will pay the minimum because they have other cash flow needs that seem more important at that time. And this cycle repeats itself month after month.

The credit companies will start to offer increases in credit limits as time moves forward. As they see payments being made on time – that little limit of $500 – moves to $750 – then to $1000 – then to $1500. Move the clock ahead 5 years and these young adults can find themselves in $20,000 plus of credit card debt – paying minimum payments of $500 per month – and in reality making no dent in the principal balances. It is a cycle of financial paralysis.

My suggestion to you is that you share this with any young adults in your circles. Make sure they know what is at stake and why these companies are trying their best to get them into a revolving credit nightmare. Explain to these young adults the concept of “delayed gratification” – instead of what the credit companies are offering – “instant gratification”.

Just Another Option – Business Credit Cards Give Your Business The Advantage It Needs

There are a lot of business owners who want to accelerate the growth of their business, but it’s usually dependent upon having a little bit more ready money. With this, they would be able to advertise more, replace old or buy new equipment, increase their inventory in order to sell more items, etc.

Some business owners take matters into their own hands by funding these expenses from their personal stash. However, using personal credit cards for business ventures is a risky-business since you assume total liability. If your company, God forbid, is ever sued or goes under, you risk losing your personal possessions and the good credit rating that took you years to build.

Now what if there was a way to free up some of that needed money you are currently using to support your business, by matching some of your expenses with items your business is already buying on a regular basis? Well, there is and it is in the form of business credit cards.

In other words, if you dish out $500 cash each week on realty supplies to make repairs on your properties, but now instead you make those same purchases using business credit cards for just one month, that would temporarily free up $2000 cash from your usual operating budget.

Of course, you are responsible to pay the balances on any business credit cards you receive, but that would be over a period of time giving you enough occasion to make a profit from the $2000 utilized on the business credit cards before the first payment is due. Are you seeing how having business credit is to your advantage? Let’s go a little further.

Business credit cards are a pretty darn quick way to get resources for short-term needs and at the same time they can increase your business’s purchasing power. But it has to be used economically and not to go all out on spending sprees just because it is available.

Other advantages include:

• Business owners with a limited credit file or credit history can apply without providing the stringent requirements of traditional banks.

• It is much easier to make purchases online and make cash withdrawals from these credit lines.

• Bookkeeping becomes simplified with the use of monthly statements and year-end statements to track expenses and pay taxes.

• Unlike installment loans, business credit cards offer discounts and rewards that can be used toward air travel and the like.

• Business credit builds credit. By paying on time and paying more than the monthly minimum fee, incentivizes lenders to increase credit limits and lower interest rates.

Like with all credit, business credit does have certain qualifications for approval:

• 720 credit score
• No bankruptcies
• No foreclosures
• No late payments in the past 24 months
• Possession of a credit card with a $5k limit.

Building a good strong business credit report allows you to stop relying on your personal credit to support your business endeavors. It also helps you to qualify for future financing your company may need from traditional lenders.

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